About Us

3D Engineered Solutions, Inc. started as New Tec, Inc. in 2004 as an innovative product development and design company.  Shortly after forming, NTI also broke into the material handling business.  In 2005, the engineering side of NTI focused on providing engineering services to other companies and individuals, mostly in the wind energy industry. In 2009 the engineering service side of New Tec, Inc. split and formed 3D Engineered Solutions, Inc.

We have a well rounded background in manufacturing processes, product and tooling development, process improvement, and machine design.  We pride ourselves in our problem solving abilities and creating economical solutions to difficult problems.

We have an excellent group of manufacturing partners that allow us to provide a great value to our customers. This enables us to supply our customers with complete quotes and finished products.  It also gives us almost unlimited capabilities since it is extremely rare that we are unable to provide a finished product or service when challenged with a difficult part.

The 3D in our name represents our Design, Drafting, and Delivery services.

What do we do?

  • Design and Supply Tooling, Parts and Retrofit Systems to the Wind Energy Industry
  • Plastic Rotational Molding Part and Tool Design
  • Problem solving
  • Industrial Tool design
  • Process improvement
  • Designing and constructing custom industrial machinery and processes.
  • Help upgrade or improve existing tooling or equipment/processes.
  • Assist in troubleshooting manufacturing issues or equipment/product failures.
  • Provide finished manufactured product to your specifications.

Who do we work with?

Wind Energy Manufacurers / Operation & Maintenance

  • We work as part of your design team to assist with finding quick economical solutions. We can design and provide improved retrofit parts, obsolete part replacements or any type of handling fixture to impove safety and efficiency.  

Large and Small Companies

  • We provide many finished manufactured products to our customer’s specifications for both large and small companies. Both production parts and tooling are common supplied products. We make sure parts meet your specifications.


  • If you have an idea and would like it refined or even prototyped, we can provide concept models and prints that can be used to analyze the design and procure cost for your product. We can provide you with working drawings or a quote for a complete manufactured product.