Using our many quality manufacturing partners allows us to deliver products to your exact specifications. Since we are not limited by our in-house equipment and processes, the variety of product we can deliver is virtually limitless.We can supply finished manufactured parts, kits, and complete assembled machines & tooling. Finished parts often have numerous operations and finishes. There are no limits to material, processes, or finishes.

Some examples of common materials and processes are:

Materials :

–  Steel (Mild and High strength)

–  Stainless Steel

–  Aluminum

–  Brass

–  Plastic and Rubber

–  Canvas and custom upholstery

–  Wood

Processes :

–  Turning and Milling

–  Laser and Plasma Cutting

–  Water Jet Cutting

–  CNC Router

–  Welding

–  Rolling and Forming

–  Water Jet Cutting

–  NDT Testing

–  Plating and Galvanizing

–  Powder Coating

–  Liquid spray paint